cut it out

CUT IT OUT - the 2020 edition - is now closed. HUGE thanks to all the artists who participated, and the buyers who invested in original artworks. 


an online collage exhibition.

In August 2018 - we opened ‘CUT IT OUT’ a collage exhibition at Smart Casual Gallery in Fremantle. Thirteen artists contributed over 60 collage-based 2D and 3D artworks to a create a really dynamic and fun show. 

We’ve been talking for a while about doing it again… and thought LET’S DO A SPECIAL ISOLATION EDITION of CUT IT OUT, with the show presented as an online gallery, opening on Friday 5th June, 6pm.

As this is a special edition of CUT IT OUT, the framework will be different. We have decided to open the submissions, meaning anyone, anywhere can submit work. All you need is paper, scissors, glue and something to cut up. 

•    •    •

We have created eight broad categories - you can choose to make work for one, all, or some of the themes. The categories are: 1) ANIMAL INSTINCT, 2) JEWEL, 3) A MESSAGE, 4) GROWTH, 5) ISOLATION, 6) MATERIAL, 7) LAND AHOY and 8) JOY. 


  • Work to be made at home, during social distancing for the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020
  • Maximum number of submissions is EIGHT WORKS per artist
  • Submissions will be sold via an online gallery which launches on Friday 5th June, 6pm
  • All work will be on sale for $120
  • Submissions and sales must be of original works, not prints (prints may be created and sold separately by the artist)
  • 10% of the sale price will be retained to cover GST and 5% retained to cover bank/web fees
  • Artists will receive $102 per work sold via the Cut it Out online store
  • Work should be around A4 in size
  • Preferably 2D and on paper/ card
  • Works shall be posted directly from the artist (postage paid for by artist) to the buyer, once funds have been received from buyer. 
  • Cut it Out will transfer sale money to artist on proof of postage. 
  • Submissions must be photographed individually (high-res - suitable for uploading to the website) by the artist, on white background and titled; FIRST NAME _ SURNAME _ ARTWORK TITLE _ CATEGORY, eg. Kate_Hulett_where am i_Isolation
  • Each submission must also include dimensions (in centimetres), materials and artist IG handle (as applicable)
  • Submissions closed on SUNDAY 31st MAY 
  • It is free to submit work 
  • Artists of any age may submit
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