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If you have questions, please send them via the form! 

CUT IT OUT - the 2020 edition - is now closed. HUGE thanks to all the artists who participated, and the buyers who invested in original artworks. 

Artworks are now being shipped from their makers to their buyers - in the case of some international artists, postal systems are at best slow (some non-existent right now), so be patient. 

Drop us a line  if you're concerned! 

Just a little note on who 'we' are...

Cut it Out - the original, physical show in 2018 - was curated by Kate Hulett - the owner of the store Kate & Abel (located in Fremantle, Western Australia). The exhibition was held in a gallery called Smart Casual

This special online, isolation edition of Cut it Out, has also been set up by Kate Hulett (you may have read about the idea via her shop instagram account, here). Payments for the artwork sold will go via the Kate & Abel business account, hence the requirement to cover GST and banking fees. The website, submission form, labour, and all other costs are being covered by Kate, which is why there are no submission fees, nor sales commission fees. 

Stupid but nice, but stupid? Who knows, but YOLO, right? 

The information provided above offers a caveat to say: responses to questions might be slow, this website might look a bit shitty, the online form might operate a little slowly, generally - things might not look as sleek as you would hope. Some may say, 'you get what you pay for' - so there you have it - here is the small type. 

Overall 'we' feel that Cut it Out; 1) gives you a fun way to pass time, 2) you get to see your collages online in a gallery alongside strangers' work, which is a little bit fun?, 3) if it doesn't sell - there's nothing lost for anyone, 4) if it does sell, you make $100... potentially if you make some bangers you could sell all eight, and make $800 = ace. 

Ok, think that's it. And hi - it's Kate here writing in third person. 

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